Our Reeper B. Girls

in love with German Beer

blondes Weissbier

 A naturally cloudy Weiss Beer with a fruity aroma and hoppy notes in the aftertaste.


Not just for sailors!


Alcohol content: 5.4%

Colour: golden, naturally cloudy

Plato: 12.0°

SKU: 500 ml, matt can


exotisches IPA

 An exotic India Pale Ale with an intense flavour and moderate bitterness.

A treat for beer connoisseurs and beer lovers around the world. 


Sail away with me...


Alcohol content: 5.0%

Colour: dark golden

Plato: 11.6°

SKU: 500 ml, matt can


wildes Lagerbier

 A full-bodied Lager Beer with a strong depth of flavour and moderate bitterness.


Get on board and be wild...



Alcohol content: 5.4%

Colour: golden, bright

Plato: 12.2°

SKU: 500 ml, matt can


rassiges Porter

 A craft style Dark Beer with a full body and a bitter-sweet flavour.


In love with German beer!


Alcohol content: 4.9%

Colour: blackish-brown

Plato: 11.2°

SKU: 500 ml, matt can


goldiges Ale

 A Golden Ale with a pleasant bitterness. A modern craft-style beer .


Here comes the fun!


Alcohol Content: 5.0%

Colour: golden

Plato: 12.0°

SKU: 500 ml, matt can